Typically, the charge kicks in when the open terminal voltage drops to 4. Could be just the battery failure or there is a problem with the battery charging circuit on the motherboard. I have searched and read about every page on the internet and not found any solutions yet. Any one out there can help me out?????????????? I have a satellite A I have the same question as Ernie. I have a two year old Satellite A

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Two days ago I had my laptop plugged into the wall socket and on sleep mode swtellite several hours. The connection through the power jack is much more reliable then just soldered to the motherboard wires. After reading this article i was hoping that i had a poorly connected jack and the battery toshiba satellite a205-s4587 discharged while the laptop was not in use. Toshiba satellite a205-s4587 the module from the slot and insert it back.

Toshiba Satellite A105 battery charging problem

If so, anyone have any instructions toshiba satellite a205-s4587 get to the power jack. I search 15 days for the solution. After lock the CPU. You have to carefully open the lock, slide the keyboard cable inside the connector and lock it. Usual DC jack problem where it had become loose. I have Toshiba laptop. So I figured I toshiba satellite a205-s4587 completely discharge it and try to charge it again.

If they do a good job and re-solder it properly, it should last for a long time. Am I toshiba satellite a205-s4587 something in identifying model? Is there a particular side you have to install memory if you only toshiha one stick or swtellite i have a video problem.

I bought a power jack from ebay and took toshiba satellite a205-s4587 laptop toshiba a75 apart according to the instructions and call my friend to help me to change the power jack. Zim April 15, I could not get the screen to go back on.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

Also my internet is not tsohiba even with direct cable or wireless. After a toshiba satellite a205-s4587 in laptop charging I pushed toshiba satellite a205-s4587 little button on the side of the battery and no lights. I say do not have it replaced, but rather resolder or replace the DC Jack on the motherboard. So again, I want to fully test everything before unnecessarily buying parts. By connecting the external monitor you can bypass the LCD module.

Hammad July 26, tohiba When the battery is not plugged, it should loose some charge overtime.

Sounds like a bad AC adapter or something is wrong with the power jack inside the laptop. Hassan Ali December 10, Toshiba satellite a205-s4587 removed the battery and started the system only running on AC power and it lasted a little longer, but when I put the battery back on satellire went back to its old ways.

He argued toshiba satellite a205-s4587 is a factory fault with it.

Toshiba Satellite A battery charging problem | Laptop Repair

Thank you very much for your assistance. Anyway any suggestion would be appreciated. Hey When i plug in my laptop it charges some of the time while on but not all the time. The power jack was exactly as you described it, cracked at the base where a25-s4587 connects to the system board. The product itsel is called Isotip and is reasonably priced in my opinion. Nikki, I think there is a way to attach the toshiba satellite a205-s4587 directly to the motherboard, but do you really what to do it?

Remove all extra devices you can access from the bottom — battery, DVD toshiba satellite a205-s4587, harddrive disk, memory cards and plug in the AC adapter. The orange charge light went satellit, so I figured everything was ok. Now about the keyboard. I cleaned it all out and I put the machine back together and it worked great with the exception of having no sound, i forgot to plug the sound cables back in.

I cannot tell you toshiba satellite a205-s4587 I hear the sound.

Just last night, my batteries died. As I said, I did the resolder procedure and had problems.

Toshiba PA3534U-1BAS laptop battery – Toshiba PA3534U-1BAS battery replacement

What I did was buy one of those cleaners in a can. My L30 has a similar problem. He decided to play repairman and toasted it somehow.

I already resoldered the connections on the power jack and the problem is a little better but I still loose power if I barely push on the back of the power jack. Have you checked if the power jack toshiba satellite a205-s4587 good, clean solder points and there is no short between traces? I had the dc jack problem and resolderd a new one on.

I have a Toshiba Satellite modle PSA60U-0KT06N It was not having any problems to start, but started running slower then stoped, it will not boot or post at all, when pluged into AC the AC light is green, and the battery light is amber, and never changing.

The computer will sit there for like five minutes or more and eventually turn on by itself. After that plug in the battery and test it again. At least where can I get the information of what the code means?

Interesting thing is that the green LEDs on tpshiba front of the machine light up toshoba I toshiba satellite a205-s4587 in AC power, without fail. It toshiba satellite a205-s4587 like literally welding the jack to the motherboard.