I really do not want to have to purchase a complete inverter for bucks in order to replace a small 1 cent plastic piece. Laptop screen shows strange colors. I dropped it while it was in the bag from not too high. There is only one part that can cause these problems — the video cable. To reseat the inverter board, open up the display assembly, disconnect the inverter board both connectors and connect it back. Gives the impression of contrast set below zero. When you twist it you put some tension on the screen.

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It has a split screen on it problem. We do not work on the component level. I hope I understood you correctly.

When booting in safe mode, I have the same problem. Having some issues with my M45 lcd.

The PSP26U yoshiba above can also use the 2. I have a HP pavilion zv toshiba satellite p25-s509 my display is showing green where white should be and red where black should be. Also check the lid close switch, it should move freely.

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

I have completely disassembled the laptop I was also going in to p25-d509 the heatsink and display assemblies, disconnecting and reconnecting all of the connectors. I am almost positive that you are having a problem with the LCD screen.

This has had no effect on the display issue. I have read all of the entries in this section regarding LCD toshiba satellite p25-s509 p25-s5509 I am currently having toshiba satellite p25-s509 problem with my Toshiba Satellite series laptop.

How to troubleshoot and fix video problems | Laptop Repair

Is it the inverter? First, I would try to reconnect the video cable on the back of the screen and on the system board.

It intermits back to normal for a while and then eventually screws up again. Simon, A new system board for Toshiba Satellite P25 is not cheap. Michael, It is possible that the problem is caused by toshiba satellite p25-s509 video cable. I can hook it up to a external monitor it works fine. After you reseat connectors unplug cables toshiba satellite p25-s509 plug them backsatelltie might get the backlight back.

Did anyone manage to solve this problem without replacing the LCD i.

Batterie ordinateur portable

Occassionally, the screen will flash on for a few seconds when I play with the switch. This jack is compatible with an AC adapter tip measuring 5. I conneceted to the extra monitor satelliet desktopI have a perfect video and I am using my laptop connected to the extra monitor. After that find toshiba satellite p25-s509 display adapter entry in the device manager.

The one thing I did notice is the wires going to the connection on the left side has what I would call a severe bend or kink in the cable. Then the screen goes back toshiba satellite p25-s509 one line of pixels and then to seveveral lines of toshiba satellite p25-s509 in any new windoe that opens. Now even the jiggling doesnt bring back the screen and all I see is a dark faint image. Do you have a reddish image on the external monitor?

At that time it was fine. When you have issues with video, you usually listed in display adapters section. Looks like a video card problem. The same will happen if I switch between external video and lcd. Thank toshiba satellite p25-s509 for the trouble shooting advice! This connector is a part of the Saetllite screen.

If the power is stable, then I would try to reseat or replace the memory module. It looks like the data is not coming from the system board to the toshiba satellite p25-s509.

How to troubleshoot and fix video problems

In a case like yours, we usually try to spray connectors with ProGold and reseat the FL inverter. If you see toshiba satellite p25-s509 same pattern of bad lines, the system board or the video card is bad.

When I press on the casing above the screen it goes away, but comes right back when I let watellite.

Have you seen anything similar with this model? If you get the backlight, replace the FL inverter. Check power options in toshiba satellite p25-s509 control panel. Is there some another problem inside my notebook that is toshiba satellite p25-s509 the inverter? This Jack is for use with AC adapter tips that are 4. If anything when the backlight is on I notice a slight pinkish hue on the darker transition screens.

Will my acer warranty cover it? This happens whenever the notebook moves suddenly. If there is anymore info you need just ask. He told me the screen started playing up when he tried to install XP. It looks like you have a similar problem.